The Project      


Project Description. is an extension of the original for Primary Schools.  It is an optional offering by the ICT and Education Departments of the City Council to the 114 Primary schools in the area.

The project builds upon the 10Mbps broadband connections now being installed across the County and provides services including :-

  • a community based web site - with interactive functions and controlled by a simple content management system.
  • a web based desktop for every user
  • a customisable Internet enabled web presence for individuals and/or groups
  • intelligent mailing and contact management abilities
  • a comprehensive multimedia authoring and distribution system
  • real-time video interaction capability
  • a flexible environment enabling users to share data across the Internet
  • an ability to reduce administrative overheads  

Six schools are piloting the project although we welcome other schools who wish to monitor or take part in the partial use of the scheme.

Developing Skills with ICT - across the curriculum.

There are a range of skills which you can teach and develop through use of digital video - including ICT and other more 'discrete' skills - depending on the hardware, the software and the project.

'Soft' skills:

  • encouraging team working
  • allocating and negotiating roles
  • developing problem solving skills
  • stimulating discussion, evaluation and critical thinking
  • reflecting on and evaluating work
  • offering immediate feedback.

Language of the moving image:

  • framing when and why to use close-ups, long shots, and so on
  • the need to use a variety of different shots
  • camera position the use of high and low angles
  • lens effect of wide-angle and telephoto
  • the effect of lighting colour warm (reddish) and cold (blueish)
  • 'shot/reverse shot' how drama scenes or interviews use separate shots so that, when edited, it seems that characters are facing each other
  • how natural sound and music can add or change meaning
  • how editing can affect mood, such as by creating tension
  • how transitions (such as dissolves and fades) change the meaning of a sequence or show the passage of time.



(read more from BECTA)

Training Sessions.

Details about the training sessions are available here.


A library of images used in the project is here.

A vision.

Laptops for every teacher and tablets for every student - provided, at no cost, as part of your education.  

City-wide broadband Internet access freely available via wireless.  

A simple ability to create complex and individual content for others to interact with and 

an electronic personal assistant to screen you from rubbish and alert you to treasures in cyberspace.


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