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The Diary

We are keeping a diary of the progress of the project.  It should be an interesting record and a chance for us to improve our techniques of video capture.


Following an initial meeting and agreement with the six participating Head teachers we visited each school to discuss their expectations of the project. 



Its the end of term and everybody is 'demob' happy.

John Evans is head of Marlborough Road Junior School. (We like a Head who does not mind being filmed leaning on a dustbin).

Gaynor Williams has just completed her first year as Head of Ysgol Bro Eirwg. Gaynor has a vision of how ICT can serve her requirements as Head.


John Wilson is head of Llanedeyrn Primary School.



Rhys Harries is head of Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna and has returned following a period of secondment with UltraLab.





pcsn consists of three elements. a) a "Community Website" - the template driven website directed at the public,  b) a photographic gallery that produces slideshows and short video clips - again public facing and c) the desktop functions available to students and staff.

The first two elements of are being offered on a trial basis to schools who wish to view the development of this project as "Observers".  Documentation for observers.

Collection of pupil data and first training day.  See the test school community site and the test gallery.  The contents are controlled by teachers during the training periods.



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