The Technologies      


Project Technologies. employs the latest technologies. We investigate some of them here and provide pointers as to what to purchase and where the technology is taking us.

The elements are:-

  • Digital Video Cameras and Editing Kit
  • Wireless (WiFi) Networking
to be completed (17/10/03)


        The telephone has become mobile and turned into a games machine - that also receives emails and has a camera inside to videos your friends.  

The PC has become portable and turned into a tablet that you can use to listen to the radio and watch television on.  At home the television set is a satellite receiver, that connects to the Internet,   records DVDs and becomes a wide-screen media centre.

Its called "technology convergence".

Capability expands, performance increases whilst prices plummet.


Click here to see a quick video about whether Windows XP can move from the PC into a media centre.  Do you want a set-top box on your TV? a TIVO? an XBox or a video recorder?


Try Denbigh ICT Centre - a first class site on DV in Education (far better than anything we have developed at the moment)!

See BECTA - more excellent material


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