Adobe Premiere Video Tutorial         


   Welcome to this set of multimedia tutorials.  This site is under development (17th April, 2004) and 
   contains some of the source material for the course.  

   The course is publicly viewable - and free!.  You need to register here first in order to take full 
   advantage of the course contents.

   The Adobe Premiere Video Tutorial is designed for Year 5 and Year 6 Primary School students.

   Data for Task 1.   The 54321 video.

   Download this video and edit it to display the numbers in reverse order.  Each number must appear 
   on the screen for exactly one second with the sound correctly synchronized.  (The numbers appear 
   on the screen at the same time as you hear the voice). 

   How quickly can you do it?   Right click the video link above and use the Save Target As
   option to copy the file to your machine.