The Millennium Primary School      

The Millennium Primary Schools (MPS) is a pioneering new school in Greenwich built as a practical demonstration of the Government's vision of the school of the future.  This report has now been published on the case study.  Key findings are given below.  The final point is of interest as it is exactly what has been implemented already in p.c.s.n.


Key findings

  • There was widespread acknowledgement that the ICT skills of both the staff and the pupils had increased. High-quality training enabled most staff to rapidly develop their knowledge and skills and respond successfully to the many challenges of such significant ICT provision.

  • ICT, particularly the provision of laptop computers to each member of the teaching staff, improved teachers' planning and reduced unnecessary duplication.

  • The combination of laptop computers and interactive whiteboards has made planning high-quality lessons in advance very much quicker and easier. However, the workload savings have been offset by increases in the time needed to keep ICT knowledge current.

  • The combination of high-quality software and readily available hardware meant that the integration of ICT to enhance teaching across the curriculum, especially numeracy and literacy, was particularly successful.

  • The pupils reported high levels of computer usage. In particular, the internet was used frequently by over 70 per cent of pupils, compared with only just over 20 per cent from the comparison school. Also the use of interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, databases and spreadsheets was extensive.

  • Observations and interviews with teachers identified that ICT was proving to be a dynamic addition to existing teaching resources. In particular, the visual impact and dynamic aspects of the interactive whiteboard were extremely effective in engaging pupils with, and promoting interaction within, lessons.

  • It was widely reported that ICT had improved pupils' motivation, concentration, confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and enthusiasm. In particular, pupils with special educational needs (SEN) had benefited.

  • Tests introduced by Greenwich LEA to evaluate pupil ICT competencies revealed that 89 per cent of Millennium's Year 6 pupils were at National Curriculum Level 5, compared with only 11 per cent elsewhere in the authority.

  • Parents of pupils at MPS were extremely positive concerning the school's ICT provision and its impact on teaching and learning. The use of ICT to enhance home-school links, however, was in its early stages. An interactive website and greater use of email are planned for the near future.



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